Crucial Questions To Ask When Choosing A Keynote Speaker To Speak About Diversity For Your Non-Profit Organization

If you are an administrator of a non-profit organization and need to encourage the other workers to meet long and short-term goals regarding cultural and other forms of diversity in the workplace, it's a good idea to consider hiring a keynote speaker to speak about the varying aspects of diversity. Although there are many persons who could do so, some speakers are more likely to meet the specific needs of your facility and staff. Therefore, it is a good idea to determine answers to the following questions about any person you might invite to speak to the staff members and volunteers at your facility.

What Can The Speaker Bring To The Speech That Can Help The Audience?

Given that a non-profit organization often has limited funding, many individuals who need your help and volunteers who assist because they choose to, it can be difficult to connect each person to the people around you, given the dramatic differences between everyone. In addition, it can be too easy to become burned out, making compassion and empathy harder to bring to work every day. 

As a result, a keynote speaker who is speaking about cultural diversity will often have anecdotes or new information that brings everyone together and motivates them to continue to do their important work. For instance, if you work with low-income families, homeless populations, and at-risk youth, an ideal speaker might be someone who was in the same situation in their lives at some point and managed to break free of their poverty. Another possibility could be a parent who had a baby at a very young age and still managed to finish high school and college. By matching the person's life experiences with those that your organization helps, motivation is probably going to return.   

Can The Speaker Explain What Their Definition Of Cultural Diversity Is?

Cultural diversity or diversity in the workplace have often gotten a bad reputation due to not meaning the same thing to every person. For instance, you may find that some people think cultural diversity in the workplace requires the use of a Christmas tree and a Menorah, Christmas presents and Hanukkah gifts and even the inclusion of Tofurkey at the holiday party.

The truth is that one basic definition of diversity, whether it is cultural or in the workplace, can be defined as simply including many different people, with varying educations, ages, financial status etc. together with the goal of learning from one another. If your speaker can follow through with that goal and inspire loyalty and mutual respect in the workplace, it is a good idea to him or her to speak at the next employee meeting or gathering.       

In conclusion, a keynote speaker is uniquely qualified to share details and information cultural diversity that are particularly appropriate to your workplace. As a result, you are likely to benefit from asking the questions above of each person you might like to speak to your staff. For more information about motivational speaking, contact a professional such as Dr. Culture